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The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) hereby invites suitable candidates to apply for the full-time position of Community Paralegal.

Applications are open to organizations and individuals residing in the following countries: Belize, Suriname, Guyana, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago as follows:

  • Civil society organizations may apply to support the establishment of the post of Community Paralegal within their country office.
  • Individuals must fulfil the “Requirement and Qualification” listed in the section below. 
 Key Duties and Responsibilities
The work of the Community Paralegals is aimed at supporting the legal empowerment of key populations (KPs) to improve access to justice and reduce human rights violations. The Community Paralegal seeks to:
  • Meet the unmet needs of key population groups by addressing human rights breaches/violations;
  • Strengthen the capacities of key populations to understand and act on their rights;
  • Promote advocacy within the populations served.
Using the Shared Incident Database (SIDney) to support data collection on rights abuses, the Community Paralegal will increase legal literacy and enable key populations (KPs) to document cases, to identify trends/patterns, support redress, litigation and reporting to international human rights watchdogs.

This intervention will greatly expand the role of KPs in enforcing rights-based law and policies, and in assuming responsibility for their own well-being and protection.

Job Description
The Community Paralegal will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following assignments:
  1. Conducting outreach on human rights and legal literacy to key population groups and other vulnerable communities about their legal rights and obligations, institutional structures of the legal system, and specific mechanisms that can be used for redress. This should include Information Education and Communication materials (i.e.: print, broadcast, internet media; informational flyers, pamphlets and posters; radio and TV outreach; dramatic performances; legal education sessions; and wireless/SMS tools).
  2. Documenting and reporting human rights violations using the Shared Incident Database (SID) including interviewing, taking statements and investigating and assessing reports regarding human rights violations.
  3. Providing direct legal guidance/ advice - procedures can be used for particular legal problems; and advice about other available services which might help the person move forward
  4. ccompanying complainants to the police stations to make police reports, and lodging applications to the courts.
  5. Advocating and providing referrals and support for resolution and redress by liaising with service providers such as the police, the courts and other stakeholders on behalf of complainants using the relevant redress mechanism.
  6. Lobbying and influencing decision and policy makers on social justice issues.
  7. Making referrals for Strategic Litigation by liaising with Pro-Bono Lawyers (list provided by CVC) and participate in legal advice sessions along with complainants as necessary
  8. Maintaining accurate and complete records and case files
  9. Completing general Monthly Reports on interventions (not case specific) conducted
Requirements and Qualifications
The successful applicant must demonstrate the following:
  • Minimum of 3 years technical experience in advocacy around HIV and human rights issues affecting key population groups including access to health services and justice.
  • Be a member of the community being served e.g. Persons living with HIV and members of other key population groups
  • Minimum of a high school education
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Working knowledge of computers and applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
  • Able to speak the common language of the target community
  • Be comfortable and skilled in interacting with community members, including through education and organizing efforts
  • Have strong listening skills and be able to accurately and coherently convey information
Reporting Relationship
The Community Paralegal reports directly to the Programme Officer, CVC and to their affiliate organization in country as well as key partners as required.
Contract Period
The Community Paralegal will be contracted for a period of 1 year.
Salary is commensurate with experience and qualifications, with a basic salary starting at US$1000 per month.
Selection Criteria
All application information and claimed experience, certifications, training and references will be verified. Applicants invited to interview will be asked to complete a brief skills test.
Interested individuals must submit a cover letter describing his/her academic and professional experience, a resume and at least two (2) references.

Interested agencies must submit a two page concept note outlining relevant competencies and experiences, as well as indicate how they will utilize the funding.

Application should be sent to no later than September 14, 2017 at 4:30pm Jamaica time.



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