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CVC would like to take this opportunity to mourn the loss of activist and colleague Zenita Nicholson and remember her contributions to our community.

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Rights Activist Zenita Nicholson passes away


The death of an activist





October 18, 2015 — The BodyStop shaming HIV treatment fatigue and detectability — A commentary which contextualizes the WHO’s new recommendations by calling for the halt of shaming of people who do not seek immediate medical treatment or who cannot commit to lifelong medical treatment, in addition to the structural barriers to care which MSM and LGBT people face.


October 19, 2015 — Atento RDCosta Rica registra 310 casos de SIDA en poblacion femenina adulta mayor — In Costa Rica, people over the age of 45, particularly women, are not being cautious when it comes to safe sex and are being diagnosed with HIV in higher numbers.


October 19, 2015 — Think ProgressResearchers just started the first human trials for a potential vaccine — The Institute for Human Virology at the University of Maryland is launching the first round of clinical trials for a new treatment, an immunogen which could induce protective antibody responses to HIV-1 strains.


October 22, 2015 — Jamaica GleanerThe United Nations in Jamaica: Advancing the development agenda — The UN representatives of various agencies gave updates on Jamaica’s development work and the representative of UNAIDS said she hoped to see Jamaica declare itself HIV transmission-free.


October 23, 2015 — The AdvocateThe $1 alternative to the $750 pill for people with HIV and AIDS — Just a few weeks after the cost of a lifesaving drug used to treat people with HIV and AIDS was increased 5,000 percent, a new, low-cost monopoly-busting compound has emerged.



October 16, 2015 — Trinidad NewsHuge uptick in number of gay Americans networking on Facebook — A new study by Facebook has shown that over the past year, 800,000 Americans have either updated their profile to express a same-sex attraction or to specify a gender custom, representing a huge increase.


October 17, 2015 — Stabroek NewsSASOD alleges human rights abuse of LGBT community member — SASOD Guyana decries the human rights violation of a member of the LGBT community who was fined $20,000 for “cross dressing”.


October 17, 2015 — T&T GuardianMarlon James: An inconvenient truth — An op-ed from Trinidad discussing the conspicuous lack of any media attention or fanfare from James’ native Jamaica after his winning the Man Booker Prize, an internationally recognized literary prize.


October 20, 2015 — Vox How bad is the epidemic of violence against transgender women? It’s hard to know. — Twenty-one transgender women, mostly women of colour, have been killed in the US this year so far. This article discusses the “epidemic” of violence.


October 22, 2015 — Jamaica NewsGay couples in Chile celebrate civil unions — In Chile, many same-sex couples are celebrating civil unions now that a same-sex marriage law has passed.


October 23, 2015 — Think ProgressOpponents of LGBT protections are clueless about transgender men — In Houston, Texas, a new equal rights ordinance is being written into law, but opponents are demonstrating themselves to be ill-informed on what being transgender means.

Drug Use


October 16, 2015 — The ChronicleMental health and drug abuse form tangled web — A story out of the US shows the link between mental health issues and drug users, and the importance of dealing with the whole range of problems cohesively.


October 16, 2015 — UPIIntervention, follow-ups by primary care doctor curb drug use — A new study has found that people at risk for addiction because of casual use of addictive substances reduced their intake after short interventions with a primary care doctor and follow-up phone calls.


October 19, 2015 — The TelegraphUnited Nations denies ‘global drug decriminalization’ claim by Sir Richard Branson — The UN drug agency is backpedaling after a document leaked by Sir Richard Branson appeared to back decriminalizing possession of drugs.


October 21, 2015 — ViceCan anyone on earth come up with a good reason to jail people who take drugs? — A commentary sparked by the UN-Richard Branson leaked documents discussing the overwhelming data against criminalization of drugs.



October 16, 2015 — St. Lucia News OnlineViolence towards children — A commentary by Felicia Browne discussing the fundamental rights of children and the issue of child abuse in St. Lucia, emphasizing the importance of civil society to advocate alongside them.

Sex Work


October 19, 2015 — Diario LibreTrabajadoras sexuales y mujeres dominico-haitianas denuncian violaciones a sus derechos — Sex workers of Dominican and Haitian-Dominican descent advocate for their human rights and denounce violations against them, demanding more inclusive social policies and programs in the Dominican Republic.

Human Rights


October 20, 2015 — Medical Daily‘Greater than AIDS’ campaign brings attention to higher rate of intimate partner violence among women with HIV/AIDS — In the US, a new campaign raises awareness of the fact that domestic violence affects one in three women, but amongst women who have HIV, this incidence drops to one in two women.


October 21, 2015 — UN News CentreUN human rights chief urges recognition of ‘dignity and worth of every human being’ — In the context of the refugee crisis but always relevant, the UNHCR High Commissioner calls for recognition of human rights for all, “across every field of human endeavor”.


October 25, 2015 — Jamaica ObserverReflections on human rights — Steven Vasciannie reflects on the nature and history of human rights in Jamaica.

International News


October 16, 2015 — Channel News AsiaPoverty among gay people common but often ignored – campaigner — In Thailand, poverty amongst LGBT people is very high and is an issue that is not focused on in the discussions surrounding LGBT people.


October 17, 2015 — Huffington PostGay people in Myanmar can’t live openly. Here’s why — LGBT rights in Southeast Asia are hindered by the criminalization of same sex behavior, as in other former British colonies.


October 19, 2015 — New Vision UgandaPrivate sector urged to join HIV/AIDS fight — In Uganda, in light of the anniversary of the death of Philly Lutaaya, these authors call for the private sector business to partner with civil society to achieve HIV/AIDS targets, and support each other and share information.


October 19, 2015 — NPR‘Becoming Nicole’recounts one family’s acceptance of a transgender child — A young transgender woman and her family have published a book about transitioning and the stigma and discrimination they faced.


October 21, 2015 — AIDS MapPeer workers improve drug users’ engagement with HIV care in Ukraine — In the Ukraine, an innovative programme where peer educators use a case management approach to HIV positive pwople who use drugs to access medical services is working. 

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