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Thank you for this opportunity to speak before the Honorable Excellencies. I am Inad Rendon, a member of the civil society from Asia and the Pacific Region.

It is disheartening that the importance and relevance of HIV in Asia is not adequately addressed in this High Level Meeting. We should note that HIV epidemic in Asia is the largest outside Sub-Saharan Africa where it is experiencing a rapidly increasing epidemic among the MSM population, with 50% of new transmission to come from this population by 2020. 

I echo the sentiments of my colleagues within the Civil Society. Community of Key populations and organisations are needed to move this advocacy forward and end AIDS by 2030. However, the final text of the declaration has left us – key populations and Asia Pacific – behind. 

It is undeniable that Partnerships play a large role in the fight against HIV and AIDS as there are a lot of studies that prove the same. However, as part of the Civil Society working on HIV and AIDS, I need to highlight that it is indispensableimperative, and critical to identify the Key Populations as defined by UNAIDS and WHO – MSM, transgender people, sex workers and IDU - on necessary documents, particularly the Political Declaration. Political commitments - and necessary partnerships at a country level will hold its ground on a strong Political Declaration that is human rights-based and evidence-informed.

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