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The OECS countries are categorized as a series of small island developing states (SIDS) with small populations and low HIV prevalence in the general population. Estimated adult HIV prevalence rates range from 0.57% in Grenada to 1.5% in Antigua and Barbuda. However, significantly higher prevalence rates have been reported among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Dominica and St. Vincent and the Grenadines with rates of 27% and 29.5% respectively. Some of the reasons identified for this disparity are the deeply entrenched cultural norms and beliefs that homosexuality is unnatural and sinful, exacerbated by the criminal prohibition of same sex sexual relations. Other factors include risky sexual behavioural practices such as inconsistent condom use and multiple male sex partners (regular, non-regular and transactional). Coupled with stigma and discrimination the MSM & Trans population are difficult to reach and their access to health services is compromised.

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are fundamental to the effectiveness of public health interventions, particularly those working with ISPs including MSM and Trans. CSOs in the OECS are heavily reliant on donor funding and their role and participation is affected significantly by the availability of funds. In most countries organisations are staffed by volunteers and working without financial resources results in loss of skilled human assets being forced to seek other opportunities. This underscores the need to raise awareness about and facilitate empowerment, collaboration and coordination of CSOs and ISPs including MSM & Trans for greater involvement in national AIDS planning processes.

The Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition (CVC) is seeking the service of a consultant to conduct a case study in the OECS countries to include an institutional assessment of NGOs and CBOs working with ISPs including MSM and transgender persons. The case study will have among its output a capacity building system to strengthen these organisations to empower MSM and transgender persons and organisations to actively participate in GF processes and other HIV/AIDS responses in the OECS.

CVC is a regional coalition of community leaders and non-governmental organisations working at the frontlines of HIV and AIDS across the Caribbean.  Founded in 2004 by one of the Caribbean’s most well-respected HIV and AIDS activists, the late Dr Robert Carr, CVC is the largest coalition of civil society organisations working in HIV and AIDS in the region.

CVC member groups work with and on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people, sex workers, people who use drugs, orphans and other children made vulnerable to HIV, migrant populations, ex-prisoners and youth in difficult circumstances.  We have around 90 members across the Caribbean, from Guyana in the south, to the Dominican Republic in the north. 

Since its founding CVC has worked with a number of international donors to implement and coordinate rights-based HIV prevention projects and to visibilize the adverse impact that systematic stigma and discrimination and rights violations have on the regional response to HIV.  For example, CVC and UNIBAM is currently partnering with The Global Forum on MSM and HIV (MSMGF) through the Robert Carr Network Fund GF Special Initiative to implement a project focused on interventions for MSM in Belize. CVC also has partnership in Guyana with the Guyana Trans United (GTU) through the US Department of Justice as well as other projects and partners in Jamaica, the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Haiti, Antigua and St. Lucia that work with MSM and transgender persons

CVC seeks a consultant to conduct a case study in the OECS countries to contribute to the following overall project objectives

  1. Conduct situational analyses and planning activities at country-level for national AIDS policy efforts
  2. Ensure the meaningful engagement and representation of MSM and transgender people in Global Fund country level structures, processes and other AIDS policy efforts
  3. Improve the quality, coverage, acceptability, accessibility and cultural appropriateness of HIV programs
  4. To coordinate technical support, community mobilization and advocacy activities within and across regions


Scope of Work

  1. Conduct situational analysis of  efforts to include MSM and transgender people in Global Fund country level structures, processes and other AIDS policy efforts for the seven (7) OECS countries
  2. Prepare a Case Study/report
  3. Identify the NGO/CBOs involved in working with vulnerable groups, in particular MSM & Trans in the seven (7) OECS countries;
  4. Conduct a capacity assessment of these organisations focusing on their level and ability for previous involvement in the GF concept note development or current implementation and other national AIDs policy development processes;
  5. Recommend mechanisms to provide technical assistance to CSOs and networks in the seven (7) OECS countries and to strengthen their capacity based on the assessment;
  6. Identify trusted technical experts linkages on MSM and Trans issues, community system strengthening, HIV program design and program evaluation who can review and provide advice on the development of successful concept notes/grant proposals
  7. Liaise with AIDS Action Foundation (AAF) St Lucia to get input on the links with the CSOs and their work to strengthen CSO oversight and engagement with the OECS RCM including MSM and Trans to increase their involvement in the regional HIV response.






Inception report and clear case study design based on the deliverables(soft copy)including logistic plan discussed with AAF based on their coordination role requirement


E-list of NGOs/CBOs involved in working with vulnerable groups (including MSM and transgender persons ) in the OECS countries


CSO assessment report including findings and recommendations


Interim report and draft of case study based on deliverables 2&3


Capacity development plan including list of Technical Assistance providers and  consultants in the OECS countries working with key populations


Draft case study including case study dissemination guidance (soft copy)


Final case study based on comments from CVC ( 1hard and soft copy)



Knowledge, Experience and Skills

  • Relevant postgraduate qualifications in social sciences, international development, human rights or community health;
  • A minimum of 3 years of professional experience working with MSM , transgender persons and other populations vulnerable to HIV implementation, programming, coordination and/or operational research in the Caribbean;
  • Proven experience of working with HIV and AIDS partners, activists, and with vulnerabilized populations, including men who have sex with men, and transgender persons;
  • Sensitivity in working with vulnerabilized populations and experience of handling confidential information;
  • Exceptional initiative and follow-through skills that deliver measurable results;
  • Experience of facilitating and providing trainings for CBO’s/NGO’s
  • Strong writing skills
  • Demonstrated commitment to social justice, community development and human rights
  • Commitment to the values and approach of CVC
  • Experience in conducting institutional assessment would be an asset



The consultant will coordinate with AAF in St. Lucia and report directly to the CVC Programme Coordinator in Jamaica


Payment Schedule:



Upon submission of Inception report and case study design including logistic plan


Submission of interim report and draft case study based on deliverables 2&3


Submission and Approval of Final Version of Case Study  including cases study dissemination guide



How to apply

Interested individuals should submit the following documents:

  1. Curriculum vitae outlining specific relevant experience
  2. A detailed plan outlining proposed activities, outcomes and cost
  3. Example of related work


Deadline for submission is September 23, 2016 to

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